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GP Testimonials

Testimonials from GPs attending our recent GP Workshops:

(GP Skin Cancer Workshop, Saturday, 7 Sep 2019)

  • Over the years of my training, I had picked up some tips here, and some other bits of knowledge there, about skin cancer, skin lesions, melanoma and biopsy.  All disjointed really and not consistent.  This was a comprehensive and definitive session presented by experts in the field - answered some unanswered questions, blew away some misconceptions, and answered the key question: Should I excise it?  Strongly recommended. (Dr P.O.)
  • Definitely a must go for all GP registrars! Helped me feel much more confident in my dermoscopy skills and pathways for management of skin cancers! Thanks to the PHN for making it happen! (Dr J.Z.)
  • Excellent workshop (Dr W.S.)
  • Excellent. Prof Alvin Chong is an exemplary presenter. (Dr J.P.)
  • Very useful work shop. Made big difference in my approach (Dr R.M., Sep 2019)
  • Great course (Dr .M. )
  • Enjoyable and well-presented workshop. Highly recommended. (Dr P.L. )
  • Great experience. Small group environment worked really well. A lot of demonstrators were around in biopsy and very easy to get help. (Dr P.G.)

(GP Dermoscopy Workshop, Saturday, Aug 2019)

  • Possibly the most useful and worthwhile dermatology workshop I have attended, a really clear and helpful morning of dermoscopy training. (Dr N.B.)
  • Great session, well tailored to a GP audience. (anon.)
  • I didn't know what I was missing by not using a dermatoscope! (Dr J.M.)
  • Well presented, informative and fun workshop for GPs. (Dr C.F.)
  • It is a very good workshop - concise, relevant and not overwhelming both in content and time. The speakers, A/Prof. Chong and Dr. Roberts, are also to be commended for being exceptional in the way they teach and share their knowledge. (anon.)

(GP Skin Cancer Workshop, Saturday, 4 May 2019)

  • An extremely useful and concise workshop covering the most important topics relevant to General Practice. Am looking forward to the next dermoscopy course. (Dr G.M.)
  • Excellent workshop delivered with enthusiasm by engaging presenters. (Dr C.F.)
  • Very good. (Dr B.)

(GP Inflammatory Skin Diseases Workshop, Saturday, 24 November 2018)

  • Great practical course! Recommend it to all GPs. (Dr R.B.)
  • A day of worthwhile learning diagnosing and managing extremely common problems in general practice. (Dr P.G.)
  • Time well spent with experts in the field discussion common skin conditions seen in General Practice. Seeing patients with these conditions was definitely a bonus. I would highly recommend attending these workshops. (Dr M.P.)
  • Interactive and engaging. Enjoyed the case studies especially with Dr Ryan. Dr Alvin makes the entire workshop lively and fun. (Dr E.C.)
  • Well organised. Friendly environment. Excellent written material (content and legibility). (Dr A.F.)