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Medical Photography Services

About Melanoma Surveillance General Scalp Referral

About Medical Photography

Medical Photography provides clinical imaging and support to our research, educational and clinical services.

The photographers work closely with dermatologists, surgeons and allied health care professionals to deliver high quality clinical photography. They document and monitor a wide range of conditions seen at the specialised clinics at the Institute, and patients referred in by dermatologists and GPs.

Our photographers are highly qualified, hold a Bachelor of Science (Scientific Photography) and are members of the AIMBI (Australian Institute of Medical and Biological Illustrators) and IPT (Institute of Photographic Technology).

The main areas of our medical photography service include melanoma surveillance photography (mole mapping), scalp photography and general clinical photography. The photography service helps the doctor and patient document the condition, as a baseline, and assists in monitoring the effectiveness of treatment.

Melanoma Surveillance

Mole Surveillance Photography (Mole Mapping) allows the whole body to be photographed in 17 views, to help monitor the changes that can occur on a person’s skin, including moles that may change in shape, colour or size.

Mole Mapping is important to assist in the early detection of melanoma and other types of skin cancers. The photographs are used as a baseline and point of reference for the patient, GP or dermatologist. They can also help assess the response to different kinds of treatment and prevent unnecessary surgery or procedures.

The photographers are able to tailor the photography to the needs of the patients and doctor, which may include full-body mole maps, as well as half-body sets and single views.

They can also include reference scales and take Dermoscopy photographs, at the request of the referring doctor.

Our service includes A4 prints and a CD of the digital files. Results are posted using Australian registered post to the address chosen by the patient.

Mole Photography Request Form

General Clinic Photography

Much like Melanoma Surveillance Photography, the photographers are not only able to photograph the body, but can tailor the imaging to the needs of the patient and doctor, by documenting different skin conditions in views that are applicable to a particular person and condition.

For example, a patient who has Vitiligo or Psoriasis on certain areas of their skin, as well as various types of birth marks and other dermatological conditions.


Scalp Photography

The Skin Health Institute is one of the only facilities in Australia to offer specialised scalp photography to document different conditions of hair loss and help patients/doctors monitor their treatment. This is done in a controlled setting, so that images may be compared over the course of a patient’s treatment.

For patients referred for scalp photography, it is preferable to wash your hair the day before your appointment. If this is not possible, please remember the time frame in which you washed your hair in regards to your first appointment. It is important to be consistent when coming for future appointments to make sure your hair is in the same condition at every appointment.

You will receive a disc on the day with your images from the appointment, as well as any previous ones. You should take this disc to your next appointment with your specialist. Upon request from your doctor, these images can also be emailed through to them. 

Please bring a comb/brush, so you are able to style your hair to your liking after the appointment.

Scalp Photography Request Form


Patients can be referred directly by a dermatologist or GP. 

To refer your patient to the Medical Photography Department:

For all appointment bookings and pricing, please contact the Medical Photography Department on:
Phone: (03) 9623 9400
Fax: (03) 9623 3575
Email: photography@skincancer.asn.au