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You can easily organise a charity sports day, a BBQ, or even a fun walk to raise funds to support us. 


Every dollar raised will go directly to the research and education programs of the Skin & Cancer Foundation Inc.


It’s easy; it’s fun, and it’s very satisfying - something your club, family and friends can enjoy.


Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Schedule the event – plan ahead and set a date;
  2. Fill out the attached form, and send it back to the Skin & Cancer Foundation Inc. We will send you some stuff to help you promote the event; we can even set up an event page with registration forms, ticketing and personal fundraising pages; 
  3. Tell everyone! Promote in the local paper, email everyone, use Facebook and other social media.
  4. Fundraise with a small entry fee; perhaps top up with a raffle, an auction, or some games;
  5. Afterwards, deposit the funds raised in the Skin & Cancer Foundation’s fundraising account;
  6. Tell us your story and send some photos. We would love to show them off, and say thanks!

Fill out this form and send it back to us, and we will help you get the ball rolling.


Got a question? Just email our events coordinator, or call us on (03) 9623 9400.



Send them in. We'd love to use them!  Just email them to us here.  Thanks!

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Thank you for helping the Skin & Cancer Foundation continue its groundbreaking research in to skin cancer and health!
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