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Biologics Specialty Clinic

The Biologics Clinic at the Skin & Cancer Foundation offers specialist services for patients with moderate to severe psoriasis in the area of biological therapy.

Biological drugs targeting the immune process, believed to be the cause of psoriasis, are prescribed, and patients receiving these drugs receive ongoing care under the supervision of the senior dermatologists.

Patients receiving biological drugs also receive ongoing support from the Dermatology Biologic Therapy Nurse Specialists at the Foundation, and can be enrolled into the support programs offered by the respective pharmaceutical companies.

The clinic is held 2-3 times per month.


Associate Professor Peter Foley
Associate Professor Chris Baker
Dr Philip Lane
Dr Alice Rudd
Dr Matheen Mohamed
Dr Shyamalar Gunatheesan
Dr Rose Mac
Dr Kathryn Armour
Dr Shobha Joseph
Dr Rebecca Nguyen
Dr Maree Micallef - Rhuematologist

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