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Olive Oil and healthy skin

The added benefits of extra virgin olive oil 

"Good for your heart and your skin"

Extra virgin olive oil is rightfully gaining traction as, quite simply, the healthiest oil. You’ve probably heard it’s good for your heart, but that’s not all - it's pretty fabulous for your skin also.

Great for boosting dry winter skin and long used as a natural and effective moisturiser across the Mediterranean, recent scientific evidence also suggests extra virgin olive oil may "lower the risk of skin cancer forming".

In Australia, where skin cancer and healthy eating is top of mind, that's great news. Note: it must be extra virgin olive oil,  because it is the unrefined, pure juice of the olive that contains the special plant compounds that are proving to be key skin health ingredients. To learn more about this from our Ambassador and nutritionist, Dr. Joanna, click here.

01 July 2019
Category: News