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Vectra 3D body mapping

In 2020, the Foundation will take delivery of a 3D full body imaging machine for the early detection of melanoma.

The Foundation will not be taking appointments for this service until 2020. We will inform the general public once appointments will be available.

Using 42 cameras, the Vectra is capable of taking ultra-high definition pictures of your whole body from every angle. In just five minutes a computer can compile the images into a single 3D picture where every blemish on the skin can be seen, magnified and assessed.

The single most critical factor for improving your chances of surviving skin cancer is early detection. Successful detection relies on both the patient keeping an educated eye on their skin, regular skin checks and diagnosis of suspicious moles or lesions by a dermatologist. 

This new body mapping technology will improve the speed at which skin cancers can be detected by rapidly imaging and sorting every lesion or mole on a patient. Specialists can then carefully examine, identify, tag and monitor lesions.  

26 July 2019
Category: News