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Maternal & Child Skin Health - A Resource



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 “A significant number of babies and infants develop a skin condition very early in their lives. About a third will develop a nappy rash, around 30% will experience eczema and 30% or more will develop a mild form of seborrhoeic dermatitis or cradle cap within the first three months. 


A substantial number of mothers also present with skin or hair problems as a result of motherhood. Various types of skin problems are also common during their pregnancy.


Maternal & Child Health Nurses, Pharmacists and GPs, and are the first contact for a large number of babies, young children or mothers who may present with a range of skin health problems.


This Resource is aimed at providing those nurses, pharmacists and doctors - right across Australia - with an authoritative Resource to assist them diagnose, then treat and manage those skin health issues.”

Associate Professor Chris Baker, MBBS, FACD, GAICD
Associate Professor (Clinical) The University of Melbourne, Director and past President of the Skin & Cancer Foundation Inc, Director of Dermatology at St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne and past President of the Australasian College of Dermatologists

Maternal & Child Health Nurses, and other healthcare professionals, may also develop skin problems as a result of their work with mothers and their children. Hand hygiene protocols may lead to a flare up of an existing condition or even precipitate it for those with sensitive skin.

This Resource seeks to provide fast access to authoritative advice for all those healthcare professionals who are commonly the first port of call for mothers and carers.  It has been prepared by a team of consultant dermatologists with sub-specialty interests in the topics covered. 

It is a resource for the healthcare professional, not for the consumer.


To be published shortly.  

We are about to publish Maternal & Child Skin Health: A Resource - a resource for maternal & child health nurses, GPs, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals to assist with their diagnosis and treatment of the skin health of mothers and their new born children.


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